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COLOR SCALING: Though it appears white in the photo, the Enterprise is actually painted 'dove gray'. This light gray will show
surface detail better than white, especially in brightly lit photos..
PHASER BEAMS:  The press of a button on the display base activates the twin phaser banks under the saucer section.
The beams seen in the mouse-over photo were added via photo editing software.
Adding real space images (above) or even
made-up images of space (right) as backgrounds
give space vessel models like the Enterprise a
greater illusion of 'reality'.  
KIT MAKER:   AMT                                                          SCALE:    ??                                                        
ADDED: LED lighting was added to the interior after cutting or drilling out all the windows on the saucer & main hull.
Flickering lighting was added to the engine nacelles. The color scheme is based on the AMT kit instructions.
BELOW - Views of the
Enterprise with the hull
lighting turned on.

This was a vintage
original release AMT
kit - it was not meant
to be illuminated, so
the windows were just
raised outlines.  Every
window had to be cut
out before the model
could be lit.
SUBJECT:   STAR TREK Next Generation - Science, Medical, & Engineering PADDs
KIT MAKER:   MARCO                                                       SCALE:    1:1                                                    
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Cast resin construction.  Full scale. Hollow for adding lighting.
ADDED: LED lighting was added to the face of each PADD + LEDs back-light / highlight points on the screen displays.
Scratch-built battery compartment & battery cover.  New digital screen images created via Paintshop + detailing panels &
serial-# stickers for the battery cover.
PADD - MEDICAL VERSION:  Indicators on the screen are
back-lit & include a flashing LED behind the 'brain' area.
DETAILING - The resin kit for this PADD had no detailing for
the front or back panels, so I printed detailing (above / below)
on self-adhesive label paper + clear plastic laminating film.
PADD - SCIENCE VERSION.  The 'gravity well" graphic is
back-lit with a flashing LED.
The screen images on these PADDs are all original creations
I designed and produced in Paintshop Pro. The screens are
printed on heavyweight, high quality glossy photo paper to
maximize the color values and crispness / sharpness of the
images (especially the text areas where the print is very small).
This is a more recent version of the Science PADD.  I  
redesigned the screen to allow for animated lighting.  The
LED lighting in this PADD is driven by a small chaser
SEE embedded video below for lighting demo.
This is my interpretation of an Engineering PADD.  As
you can see, it's finished in 'engineering red' and is
somewhat different in appearance than the other
PADDs. This PADD was built from exactly the same resin
kit as the science PADDs, but was modified by cutting
out the bottom of the front panel to create a recessed
area for the installation of the 6 large gray control
buttons. (BTW - it took about
2 hours to cut through the front panel's thick resin).
Additional detailing includes the 4 smaller control
buttons just below the indicator LEDs on the left side of
the front panel and the shiny metallic 'sensor grid' on the
right side.

The screen is an another original design I created using
Paintshop Pro. The screen depicts a maintenance scan
of a starship's engine systems - the upper area shows
the energy levels in the matter / anti-matter intermix
chamber while the bottom of the screen shows the
plasma flow in
the engine nacelles.  
SEE embedded video, for lighting demo.
SUBJECT:   STAR TREK Dilithium Crystal Displays
KIT MAKER:   Scratch-built                                                    SCALE:    1:1                                                    
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Real quartz crystals (not plastic or glass!).  Changing color lighting effect
Each display features a  Starfleet San Francisco R&D label on the
The display above has a large multi-faceted dilithium crystal (quartz).
The display below has a taller slimmer crystal.
SEE embedded videos for lighting demos.
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