PHASER-I:   Like the original TV props,this P-1 has simple paper stickers for the "0 / 10" markings & has no working trigger
stud - instead the P-I is fired by rotating the thumb wheel all the way forward.  When 'fired' the P-I emits a standard phaser
sound and a bright blue 'phaser beam' (3000Mcd 3mm LED).  This version of the P-1 prop caught my interest because it had
no 'flip up sight' and a very simplified electron aspirator panel.
RARE EMITTER STYLE - This version of my replicas  features the rare "flashlight reflector" style beam emitter housing. This
was used on only a few Season 1 phasers and was never used after Season 1

FULLY DETAILED P-II - 23rd Century kits build into excellent replicas of the Season 2 - 3 P-II. The one detail the kit omits is
the see-through port above the emitter. To fully detail this replica, I installed my own see-through 'windows' made from 1/16"
VERSION 2  of my Season 1 Phaser-II replicas.  The only real difference between this and Version 1 is the beam emitter. This
replica features the later, more common, flat-front emitter housing, PLUS the
very rare (Season 1 only) "straight tube" style of
emitter tip. Unfortunately, only had photos of this emitter tip & no real info about when (or IF) it appeared
on-screen. But it makes for a very interesting variant so I decided to build a replica using this unusual feature.
HEAT FINS- Note the black heat fins. The black / white color scheme was dropped for Season 2 - 3 because details like the
heat fins were almost impossible for the TV cameras to pickup.  In fact, other than the white handles and the aluminum emitter
& control knob almost no detail was clearly visible, even on the hero props..
CONTROL KNOB - There were actually two styles of control knob for early P-IIs, this one & one that looked a bit more like the
ones seen in Season 2 - 3.  I used this style because it is a more radical departure from the control knobs we're used to on
the later phasers & helps add to the uniqueness of the replica.
THANKS AGAIN to Richard Coyle for making available the wealth of images & information that made it possible to produce
these replicas!
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KIT MAKER:  UNKNOWN / KIT BASHED /            SCALE: 1:1                                             
SPECIAL  FEATURES:   Metal thumb wheel, P-II control knob, P-I release pin, P-II trigger, P-II beam emitter housing.
These full-scale replicas are based on photos & information posted by Richard Coyle on his Racprops website. My thanks to
Mr. Coyle for providing such a rich source of information.
I built two of the rarer variants of the Season 1 Phaser-II.  Note that the white-handle design was dropped after Season 1
because it didn't photograph well & because the P-1's mechanism was too complicated to reproduce easily & proved too
unreliable on-set.
KIT MAKER:  UNKNOWN / KIT BASHED /            SCALE: 1:1                                             
SPECIAL  FEATURES:   Metal  P-II control knob, P-I release pin, P-II trigger, P-II beam emitter housing.
This Phaser features the later style P-II power control knob as used in mid / late Season 1 TOS episodes.  Note the knob
somewhat resembles the Season 2 & 3 control knob.
This version of the white-handled phaser has basically the same style P-I as my earlier replicas, except that the sight flips up
on this version.
This version of the Season 1 P-II features the later / standard flat-faced beam emitter & has a clear 'sight window' above the
emitter housing.  Like my earlier versions of this phaser, this one has a bright blue 'phaser beam'.  One new feature on this
replica is a spring-loaded, movable, P-I release pin (it's not functional, but it can be depressed & returns on its own).
A major difference between this model & my prior versions of the W-H P-II is the use of magnetic couplers to attach the P-I to
the P-II - the magnetic links also carry power from the P-I to drive the light & sound effects in the P-II.   As a final touch, the
handle of this version was weighted with metal lugs to give the replica a nice solid, hefty feel.
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