FRONT VIEW:  Note the nylon mesh speaker panel and the inset oval indicator made of white 1/8" thick acrylic (Plexiglas).
The on/off switch to activate the LED for the indicator panel and the 'talk' button to activate the voice feature are both 'hidden'
on the back panel of the intercom.
BATTERY COMPARTMENT COVER with a Starfleet Research & Development registration / serial-# label.  
SCRATCH BUILT - 'Scratch built' means an item was built without the use of a kit or parts specifically made for the item.  Each
part was hand cut from heavy gauge styrene sheet stock, opaque white Plexiglas, or Plastruct rods & shaped plastic.  
BACK ROW (L to R): the back panel before cutting out the battery access opening & switch mount, the front panel, and the
base plate or bottom panel.
CENTER (L to R), nylon mesh screen, opaque Plexiglas, inner & outer indicator panels, left & right side panels, interior front
panel to support the mesh, structural support forms
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KIT MAKER:    SCRATCH-BUILT                                            SCALE:    1:1 (Approximated)
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Functional light-up indicator inset & it 'talks' (voices of TOS crew)
KIT MAKER:    ??                                            SCALE:    1:1  
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  All cast resin construction
ADDED:  Light & sound with three settings.
This TOS prop was originally used as a 'beacon'  created by Mr. Spock to punch through an ionized (or was it just dense?)
atmosphere to get a signal to the Enterprise.  Later it appeared in two more TOS episodes, serving as an 'engineering tool' in
one & as a cutting torch in another episode.
To represent the TOS prop in its original 'beacon' form, I added a bright white LED & high-pitched beeping sound effect
MOUSEOVER to see the beacon tip lit up.
To represent the prop when it was used as an engineering tool, I added a second setting to the control knob which activates a
color-changing (RGB) LED to light the emitter tip.  On this setting there is no sound effect.
MOUSEOVER to see the replica lit up as a cutting torch.

I don't remember if or how the prop lit up when it was used as a cutting torch, but for my replica a bright red LED seemed to
be an appropriate way to show the 'cutting torch' function.
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