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KIT MAKER:    UNKNOWN                                                  SCALE:    1:1                                                        
ADDED:  Electronic lighting effects for the scanner beam emitters on the front & the control panel & display screen on top.
This full scale prop-replica was sent to me to build on commission.  It appears to be a garage kit & came with no instructions or
anything to identify the maker. To facilitate battery installation, I designed & scratch-built the display screen as a separate unit
that can be lifted out of the body, to access  the battery located below the screen.
The display screen is a
separate unit inserted
into the top of the
tricorder.  It can be lifted
out, giving access to the
battery holder beneath it.
The scanner sensors on the front of the unit light up (all white) and chase back and forth.
Green LEDs move across the screen,
simulating an object being tracked by the
The control panel LEDs flash in different
            Magnetic battery (9v) holder.                                                                 LED driver circuits & sound system.
RIGHT:  Front end, sensor array.
SUBJECT:  TOS - KLINGON DISRUPTER   Original TV Klingon weapon design.
KIT MAKER:    Roddenberry                                                  SCALE:    1:1        (Full Scale)                                                
ADDED:  None..
This is a full scale replica of the original design for a Klingon hand weapon, as used in The Original Series.  This hefty replica is
made of the same materials as the original - cast resin body parts with machined aluminum power chamber and emitter parts.
The replica came as a kit and was fairly easy to assemble, since the metal foil parts were all precut.  
I'm not sure how rare this disrupter is, but I don't think too many are around since it wasn't listed on the Roddenberry website for
very long before going 'out of production'. In any case, I'm glad I got one as it makes a nice counterpoint to all the TOS phasers I
have in my collection.
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