BELOW - An 8000Mcd 3mm LED provides the blue 'phaser beam' for
this working prop-replica.
LEFT - I replaced the kit's power readout with a more detailed one
that I produced in Photoshop.  The thin metal foil aspirator grid
permits better sound transfer than the kit's original heavy cast metal
grid part and looks much better, too.
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KIT MAKER:   RODDENBERRY                                             SCALE:    1:1                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Metal side-rails, thumb-wheel, trigger, & brass beam emitter. Clear acrylic power read-out
dome & sight panel.  Hollow for easy electronics installation
ADDED:  LED phaser beam lighting & sound effect.  New pressed metal foil electron aspirator grid.
KIT MAKER:  RODDENBERRY                                           SCALE:    1:1                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Fine photo-etched brass flip-up antenna. Accurate interior details.  Hollow for easy installation of
ADDED:  There are no commercial electronics for this kit, so I improvised my own chirp sound effect and flashing LED
indicator lights.
This full-scale hero grade prop-replic makes a perfect
companion piece to my Richard Coyle ST-III Phaser.

The only 'flaw' in the Roddenberry kit is that the center
plate that extends around between the upper & lower
body halves is made of resin when it should / could
have been made of aluminum.

This kit has been out of production for quite some
time now.
When the antenna is flipped open, the communicator 'chirps' &
the indicators inside flash.
NOTE July 2017 - This cast resin & metal kit from has been out of production for several years now.  The kit
is so accurate & well designed that it's still one of my favorite prop-replicas.
                                       MY STAR TREK PROP-REPLICAS COLLECTION
There are no photos for this article.  The links below will take you to three YouTube videos that document my collection of
Star Trek prop replicas & collectible toys.

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MOVIES - Video of my phasers & other items from the various Star Trek movies (1 - 4).
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