NOTE - The upgraded disruptor in the foreground looks larger than the original toy in the background.  This is an optical
illusion created by the camera angle.  The upgraded disruptor is only longer than the original toy, no other dimensions were
changed.  The toy's molded plastic 'power rails / tubes' were cut away and replaced by aluminum tubes. A bright red LED
provides a more realistic lighting effect than the toy's original light-bulb which lit the entire tip of the disruptor.  Note the richer
color of the new paint job and the added realism of the metal power rails.
The new functional power meter has green LED bars for the lower power settings (stun & heat) and red bars for the disrupt /
disintegrate settings. The unit BEEPS each time the power-up button is pressed.  The power-down button resets the readout
to one green LED.  A 10mm 23K LED provides the 'phaser beam'  The yellow LED is also closer in color to the on-screen
post-production beams used in the TNG TV show than the toy's original pink light output.
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KIT MAKER:   PLAYMATES                                                   SCALE:   ??  (Kid sized toy).
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Light & two sound effects. Movable cowl & battery pack
ADDED:  Screw holes were covered, then the toy was repainted. The light-bulb was replaced with an LED.
This was an 'upgrading' project to make minor improvements to a toy. Aside from the new LED lighting, painting the clear pink
inset panels silver was the biggest improvement. It's still a toy, but looks a bit more like the movie prop it's based on.
KIT MAKER:  PLAYMATES                                                  SCALE:    ?? (Kid sized toy).
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Light & two sound effects.
ADDED: Screw holes were covered.  The disrupter was repainted & aluminum tubing was installed to replace the molded on
power rails.  The light-bulb was replaced by an LED.
KIT MAKER:    PLAYMATES                                                   SCALE:   90-95% of Full Scale
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Light & two sound effects
ADDED:  New, more realistic power meter.  Repainted beam emitter. Replaced light-bulb with bright LED.
This was another project to upgrade / enhance a toy.  It was my first attempt at enhancing a Next Gen phaser.  The
do not make this into a prop replica, just a better looking / working toy.  Though not at all accurate, the  new
improvised power read-out panel is a vast improvement over the silly painted-on panel the toy came with.
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