SOMETHING NEW from SciFi Dragon - A series of science fiction novels!

I have just published the first two books in a series of stories called

These books are currently available exclusively on AMAZON.COM.  At present the books are only in Kindle
format, and you can download them
for free (for a limited time).  

The first book,  
BIRTH OF A STARSHIP  introduces you to the series main characters - Jason Erikson, his
lover Alison Tanner, and an impish little blue alien girl named Surika. Jason and Alison meet Surika after being
abducted by a UFO. When the UFO crashes into an asteroid, everyone dies - almost. Jason, Alison, and Surika
are found and re-animated by a mysterious race of non-corporeal beings. These energy beings create a
starship, named  The Blue Archangel  by the trio, so that Jason and his companions can return to Earth. That's
where the adventure(s) begin.
The story delivers everything you want in a science fiction tale - action, adventure, space travel, a dose of
horror, a bit of intrigue, and interesting characters (Surika, for example, comes from a forest world called Azuria
where no one ever wears clothes).  

The second book in Archangel Chronicles,  
SPACE CEMETERY,  brings Jason and his friends to a planet
inhabited by a race of gentle sentient reptilians. When the Blue Archangel arrives at the planet, her crew
finds thousands of dead bodies floating in orbit above the new planet.  Jason makes contact with the
planet's inhabitants and finds out the planet has been raided by a band of slavers who carried off thousands
of people from the planet (and dumped their 'unusable cargo' into space).  
Determined to help the reptilians and recover their abducted friends and families, Jason takes the Archangel
on a wild adventure in search of weapons to upgrade the Archangel's defensive and offensive capabilities
before setting off in search of the slavers heavily armed convoy. The search has some twists to it and brings a
new set of characters aboard the Archangel.
Will Jason find the armaments he needs to take on a small fleet of slaver star-ships? Will the Archangel's
advanced technology enable him and his friends to catch the slavers and free their captives?  
This story brings you more action, new characters, and a few bizarre twists to hold your attention.

IF you have a KINDLE reader, go to
AMAZON.COM.  - in the search box, enter "kindle books birth of a starship"
(or "kindle books space cemetery").  Follow the Amazon instructions to download the selected book to your
Kindle reader.
For a limited time, you can download and read these books for
FREE or purchase them for your Kindle library.
Sometime in the near future, I will also publish this series as paperbacks, for those of you who prefer more
conventional reading formats.  
Cover art by Michael Napolitano                                                                Cover art by author Ernie Napolitano