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SUBJECT:  C57D STARCRUISER -  from Forbidden Planet
KIT MAKER:  Polar Lights                                                     SCALE:    ??   12" Diameter
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Movable landing ramps. Optional 'landing' or 'in flight' landing column, nicely detailed engine
compartment parts, plenty of interior space for adding electronic lighting.
ADDED:  Electronic engine lighting with adjustable speed setting.  Landscaped display base with 'blue landing beams' lighting
My vignette shows the C57D coming in for its landing on Altair Iv. The saucer is supported above the landscaped base by a
clear polycarbonate tube which lights up to depict the blue 'landing beams' seen in Forbidden Planet's opening scenes.
A nice feature of the Polar Lights kit is the movable landing ramps. In my vignette these are in the closed (in flight)
position, but they can be lowered to show the staircase, conveyor belt, and machinery access ramps.

The animated lighting features include 'spinning' red engine lights and blue landing beams.  The engine lights can be set to
move at different speeds (for this photo, the engine lights were set to maximum speed & appear to all be lit at the same time
in a flickering effect).
Super-fine model RR gravel, real beach sand, and hand sculpted (Celluclay) rocks combine to suggest the Altair IV desert
where the C57D landed in the movie.
Note the two-tone color scheme, with the gun-metal blue band running around the outer rim of the saucer.
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