A silvery green finish with irregular dark markings gives the deck an eerie alien look.  NOTE the four LEDs that light the deck
area. Each is set in a  half-round support with a silver metal lining that acts as a reflector & directs the LED's light toward the
center of the deck.  ALSO note the three LEDs set into the centers of the control console bases. Each of these LEDs has a
silver backing to direct its light into the control panel on the front of each console.
FLIGHT DECK just before the seats were installed. NOTE the highly detailed control panel on the pilot's console.
CLOSEUP view of the
pilot's control console.  
The radar screen area of
the control panel is lit by a
5mm LED and
flashes / blinks.  
THE FINISHED UFO with its see-through 'windows' and odd blue panel.  Note the clear 'window' panels. It took several hours
just to mask these so the hull could be spray painted (inside & outside).
ENGINES - 16 LEDs set around the underside of the model provide the main lighting effect. These flash & chase around in
automatically changing patterns.
KIT MAKER:                                                                SCALE:    1/48                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Clear plastic upper & lower hull (painted silver for the finished model). Interior fligh-cabin
& magnetic-drive compartment details.
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