This model was built using an original release Polar Lights Robby kit.  Altaira was added from a later version of the kit.
Head to toe, Robby stands 7" tall.  Robby is finished in dark gun-metal, with accents and panels in flat black & dark gray.
Robby's hands are actually flat black in color, but
appear gray in the photos due to the contrasting
dark gun-metal finish on his arms.
Robby & Altaira - while Robby was airbrushed with Tamiya water-based acrylics, Altaira was hand painted using Liquitex artists
acrylic paints. Even her blue-hued silver dress was hand finished with Liquitex artists acrylic paints.  Even though it can't
usually be seen at all, I filled in the large gap in the back of Altaira's right leg with Green Stuff model putty, then carved
& sanded it to shape. A little blue 'eye shadow' & bright red 'lipstick' help give Altaira the right period look to go with her dark
blond hair.
SUBJECT:  ROBBY THE ROBOT & ALTAIRA    from  the classic sci-fi film, FORBIDDEN PLANET
KIT MAKER:    POLAR LIGHTS                                              SCALE:    ??                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Clear & chrome plated parts.  Landscape display base.
ADDED:  Electronic LED lighting.  Altaira figure (from a more recent Polar Lights kit).
The scene of Robby carrying Altaira, as portrayed by the Polar Lights kits, NEVER
HAPPENED - there was no such scene anywhere in the film Forbidden Planet.  The
concept came from a movie poster intended to 'sensationalize' Robby (see left).
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