UFO control room - this is the wall screen mounted opposite the control consoles (below).
White and green LEDs flash on the craft's underside, while the aqua-green power core in the control room flashes through the
portholes.  Interestingly, the kit has preset holes for all the LED positions, but the instructions make no mention of what the
lighting should look like, nor of how to connect LEDs to a power source.
KIT MAKER:   HEAD HAND (I never heard of 'em either, lol).   SCALE:    1/48                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES: Fully detailed flight cabin. Removable top for viewing the interior. Detailed underside.
ADDED:  Modified control consoles with back-lit screens created in Photoshop to replace the kit's flimsy decals.
Electronic LED lighting inside & in the engine pods.
Original 'art work' I created in Photoshop, showing
my UFO entering Earth's atmosphere.
SUBJECT:  AREA-51 UFO        
KIT MAKER:   PEGASUS                                                   SCALE:   ??                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Clear green upper dome & 'windows'.  Well detailed landing gear.
ADDED:  Electronic LED lighting
KIT MAKER:   ATLANTIS                                             SCALE:   ??                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES: Landing column can be set in raised or lowered position.
ADDED:  Electronic LED lighting display base.
This iconic UFO appeared in the classic sci-fi movie, EARTH vs THE FLYING SAUCERS.  The UFO was designed & built by
the great stop-motion effects specialist, Ray Harryhausen (it was his only 'non-living' stop motion creation).  The recessed
lines along the upper saucer helped show that the UFOs were spinning as they moved along - to give that effect to my model,
I mounted it on a rotating base. The base also lights up, with changing colors, and serves to light the UFO through its hollow
landing column.  This is a small (5" diameter) & very simple kit.  Painting the ship and adding metal-foil to the landing column
took more time than assembling the UFO.
Careful masking and multiple layers of spray paint enabled me to restrict the 'light up' effect to the upper dome of the UFO.  
The light on the underside of the UFO is simply being reflected from the display base. Shiny metal tape around the landing
column helps reflect the light from the base.
The model's multi-hued paint
scheme adds considerable
visual appeal.
Note the underside is actually
two different shades of metallic
gray / silver.
Electronic lighting on this model is simply, since only the green 'windows' and upper dome had to be lit.
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