SUBJECT:  JUPITER-II from LOST IN SPACE (original TV series)
KIT MAKER:   POLAR LIGHTS                                               SCALE:    ??                                                       
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Fully detailed interior.  Removable top panel for easy viewing of the interior
ADDED:  Interior lighting + a 32-LED circuit that provides 'spinning' engine light effects (at 2 speeds).
KIT MAKER:     AMT                                                        SCALE:    1/48                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Detailed cockpit & wing panels.
This AMT model is a "snap tight" kit -very simple assembly.  Even so, it has rather nice surface detailing. All details were hand
painted, as was the cockpit interior.  BTW - for those of you who haven't figured it out yet,  
T.I.E. stands for Twin Ion Engines
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KIT MAKER:     PEGASUS                                                       SCALE:    ?                                                       
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Clear portholes.
Pegasus Model's  ROCKETSHIP X-M  is a very simple modeling project.  The entire kit consists of seven (7) parts - left and
right hull halves, two fins, two clear porthole parts, and an engine / exhaust part.  Even as simple as it is, the kit builds into a
very nice model of the rocketship from the classic sci-fi movie, Rocketship X-M.
From the tip of the nose, to the bottom of the fins, the model measures about 10 inches tall. It's completely hollow, so there's
lots of room for adding LED lighting features, which is what I did to my X-M.
To give the impression that the rocketship is 'blasting off', I mounted it above
the display base using two concentric clear acrylic tubes.  The lighting effects
are activated hy a magnetic reed switch - see video for details.
A video showing the construction of the X-M model (the first
version I built) is available on YouTube. Check out this, and
my other YouTube videos. If you like my videos, give them a
'thumbs up' (like) on YouTube and subscribe to my channel
(ernie_n videos).
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