KIT MAKER:    GLENCOE MODELS                                          SCALE:   ??                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Movable long-range radio antenna.
KIT MAKER:   GLENCOE MODELS                                         SCALE:    ??                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES: Launch pad display base & separating rocket stages.
The model is based on an actual design by the famous rocket scientist Werner Von Braun.  He expected future exploration of
our star system to be done in atomic powered ships, which would be too radioactive externally when they returned to be
permitted into Earth orbit.  They'd be parked in orbit around Mars & this retriever ship would ferry their crews back to Earth.
This multi-stage rocket was designed by
Werner Von Braun as a 'practical' way to
explore the moon & other 'nearby' space
bodies in our solar system.  The shuttle-like
wings were designed for atmospheric entry &
flight, including for the ship's return to Earth.
KIT MAKER:   PEGASUS                                     SCALE:    ??                                                        
ADDED:   Interior flight cabin lighting + engine lighting effect & landscaped display base.
This iconic rocketship appeared in the classic
sci-fi movie,  
the first rocketship design of the 50's - 60's era
that wasn't directly based on a V-2 rocket, this
design set the standard for sci-fi spaceship
designs for decades.

LUNA on the moon:  A view of Earth from the
moon created in Corel Paintshop.
Note the simple 'porthole' window that marks the location of the rocketship's control room (one porthole on either side of the
ship). Simple, but effective, recessed lines add detail to the ship, marking off the hatches and control surfaces on the tail-fins.  
The display base is topped by a hand-sculpted lunar landscape (Celluclay) and is detailed with gray and brown chalk powder
and tiny pebbles.
LEFT - The flight cabin / control room
porthole is lit by a white 5mm LED set
just below the porthole.

BELOW - The engine is lit by a flashing
red 3mm LED
The model can be separated into four sections.
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