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VARIATIONS on a THEME:  While basically the same style, the Mk-I  & Mk-II blasters are each unique. Mk-I (left) has a brass
emitter unit & it's grips are set at the back of the tubular body. Mk-II (right) has a steel emitter & longer emitter-tip and it's grips
are set forward.  Also, note the different shape of the ribbed grips on each blaster.
BLASTER Mk-I   A simple, sleek design influenced & inspired by the Sandman blasters from the classic movie Logan's Run.
Both blaster models are equipped with bright red lasers.
KIT MAKER:   SCRATCH-BUILT                                              SCALE:    1:1                                                       
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  My own custom design.  Aluminum body tubes.  Both variants fire red lasers & have soft 'laser crack'
sound effects.
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