The grips and rear portion of the ray-gun were shaped based on the movie prop's resemblance to a Colt-45 Peacemaker. I
simplified the area behind the 'heat fins' to make construction a bit easier, but the model captures the overall look of the
original 1936 prop.
The side panels (brass areas) on the original prop sported far more complex raised detailing.  It wasn't possible (or practical
for a simple fun project) to reproduce this area exactly, but the 'corrugated iron' plastic inserts I fashioned do a good job of
adding a very similar looking detail area.
SUB-PLOT - While Flash Gordon, Dr. Zarkov, and Dale Arden were trying to stop Emperor Ming from conquering the
universe, Ming's daughter, Princess Aura was busy trying to conquer Flash. Actress Priscella Lawson played Aura with a
delicious wickedness - Darn, how did the producers ever get her passed the Censors?  The photo is a colorized reprint of an
original publicity shot.
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SUBJECT:   MONGO RAY GUN  from  FLASH GORDON (the 1937 movie serial - Buster Crabbe).
KIT MAKER:   SCRATCH-BUILT                                                 SCALE:    95-98% Full Scale.
SPECIAL  FEATURES:   Extremely sturdy, but very light weight (great for COSPLAY or LARP).  The ray-gun replica fires a
bright red laser (no sound).
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