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KIT MAKER:    SCRATCH-BUILT                                             SCALE:    1:1                                                      
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Light and sound effects.
The original blaster rifle props were metal, my interpretation / replica of the props is polycarbonate pipe, styrene plastic, and
acrylic tubing.
The blaster replica side vents light up just like the on-screen props' did - there are just fewer vents. The replica's emitter also
flashes blue when fired.
KIT MAKER:    UNKNOWN                                                    SCALE:    1:1                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Clear cast resin emitter cone & tip.
ADDED:  After hollowing out a compartment inside the main body and drilling holes through to the grip so I could
install a working trigger, a battery holder & flashing blue 10mm LED were installed to provide lighting effects.
The blaster began as an unpainted cast resin garage kit.  It came with no instructions & no maker's name.
A battery holder, working trigger & bright 10mm blue LED were added to produce a pulsing light effect inspired
by the on-screen visual effects.
KIT MAKER:  BLASTER MASTER                                                           SCALE:    1:1                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  3d printed parts.  Working spring-loaded bolt mechanism (not used in my buildup).
ADDED:  Red laser.
Added visual features include a metal plated bolt in the ejector ports and a red pointer in the laser-scope.  The
kit's movable selector switch was made functional & switches between two sound effects.
The cocking levers are movable, even though they aren't connected to the bolt.  The spring mechanism for the
bolt had to omitted to make room for the electrons (sound board, speaker, laser wiring).
This is a full-scale prop-replica built from a 3D-printed kit made by Blaster Master productions. The kit is excellent and easy
to assemble (only 30 parts). I modified the kit by removing the built-in 'return spring' for the trigger & replacing it with a
push-button switch & 3 small metal springs. I also improvised a makeshift set of electrical contacts behind the selector switch
and wired it up to change the sound effects (2) on the blaster.  I had to leave out the bolt's return spring and cut the bolt
down to make room for a sound board & wiring inside the main firing chamber. I also installed a red laser in the tapered
muzzle part.
NOTE: This is a great kit. It is easy to assemble (Blaster Master instructions are provided by a YouTube video) - however,
if you've never done a 3d-printed kit before, be aware that it will require a lot of work to sand down the parts to remove
'texture' left over by the 3d printing process (I spent over 2 hours sanding the main parts & elected to leave a few parts
'rough' because I was in a rush to get this beauty put together).
FOR DETAILS on my build-up of this DH-17, see my full-length video on YouTube.  For a qucker look at the parts & assembly
click on the Direct Video Link, above.
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