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The hauberk consists of
approximately 35,000 hand
assembled links.  The hood is made
of about 12,000 links.  Total weight of
the chain mail (not including padding
or any additional armor) is 40.5
pounds.  Walking and moving easily
with this much weight on your body
takes some getting used to.  
KIT MAKER:    SCRATCH-BUILT                                            SCALE:    1:1                                                         
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  This is real chain mail armor, I made entirely by hand.  This was an exercise in replicating the real
thing (similar to replicating a prop). The hauberk (shirt) & coif (hood) are 14-gauge steel wire rings making the mail as battle
worthy as the real 12th century armor.  The shirt weighs 32 lbs. & the hood weighs 8.5 lbs.
KIT MAKER:    SCRATCH-BUILT                                              SCALE:    1:1                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Leather & mild steel construction.
A vambrace is body armor shaped to fit over and protect the forearm.  The vambrace dates back to early Greek and Roman
times.  The earliest forms were made of simple leather. Later, thicker, cured & hardened leather was used. This actually
affords fairly good protection and can absorb some impact from a bladed weapon blow.  In the bronze age vambraces were
made of, well, bronze and other crude metals. Bronze in particular was a poor material for making armor - it's brittle and can
actually crack under the impact of a weapon strike.  
The vambraces I made take advantage of the shock absorbing quality of thick leather and the blade deflecting ability of mild
steel.  Each vambrace is 1/8" thick cowhide covered with a mild steel plate. The leather and steel are riveted together. Leather
straps with steel buckles attach the vambraces to the wearer's arm.  They offer good protection, and add little weight.  
KIT MAKER:    SCRATCH-BUILT                                              SCALE:    1:1                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Leather & mild steel construction.
ABOVE:  A closeup look at the traditional 4-thru-1 link pattern that makes up this chain-mail.
Why 4-thru-1?  Because each link has 4 others passing thru it.
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