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SUBJECT:  DIORAMA:  STURMTIGER - W.W.II Western Europe - Repairs in a Bombed-out Factory.
KIT MAKER: Tamiya,                                        SCALE:    1/35                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES: A well detailed mortar / rocket launcher - fully articulated with option for open or closed breach. Nicely
detailed interior rocket storage racks & Individual link hard plastic tracks, separate field tools & loading winch.
ADDED:  Extra 380mm rockets added for the maximum of 14 rounds.  Personal weapons and extra munitions were added to
the forward interior area. A scratch-built lifting claw for the rockets was added to the kit's loading crane, along with scale
(twisted wire) steel cable.
Having driven through the factory's
rear wall, the Sturmtiger is covered in
loose bricks & brick dust. The treads
& wheels are caked in brick &  
concrete dust.  The two crewmen in
the scene are trying figure out why
the engine has been cutting out on

Note the 'steel girders' and wooden
upper floor of the factory. The floor
sections were actually burned along
the edges before being installed in
the building.

The 380mm launcher on this Tamiya
kit is very well detailed inside & out. I
built mine with the breach block in the
open position & you can actually see
right through to the interior if you look
down the muzzle. I replaced the kit's
hull MG part with a new MG-34 that is
fully detailed inside the vehicle.  

Note how the sight mechanism if fully
visible through the open port in the
front of the hull (above / right of the

The camo pattern is based on a
photo of an actual Sturmtiger in the
field, late 1944.
My model features 10 380mm rocket shells (mostly from an after-market kit).  I 'dressed up' the driving compartment with some
MG ammo cans & drums (left side of photo), a few land-mines, and two MP-40s as the crew's personal weapons - there's also
a flare gun on the center console.  A dark gray wash served to give the interior (floor & racks) an appropriately grungy look.
One rocket is on the loading trolley, ready to be rolled into position to be pushed into the launcher's massive breach.  
MOUSEOVER - to see breach details.  The MG-34 beside the breach is a detail I added.
I built the earlier style launch tube (note the balance blocks around the muzzle - also note the nicely detailed muzzle ring, sight
port, and drilled out MG sight). I also added Zimmerit to my Sturmtiger's hull (my first Zimmerit vehicle!).  
MOUSEOVER for a closer view of the muzzle.
I added a complete engine compartment - this is a cast resin kit by Verlinden.
KIT MAKER:    TAMIYA  + ITALIERI                                             SCALE:    1/35                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:   This small scene (inside a 1:18 scale car model display case) depicts U.S. armored forces passing
through a small French town just after the D-Day landings. Both vehicles have been weathered to show road dust 'n dirt plus
brick dust picked up while driving through the shelled / bombed streets.  Since German gunners used the big white stars on
the sides of U.S. tanks as aiming points, both vehicles in this scene have had their stars 'painted out' by their crews.
The street scene is a combination of Italieri plastic building fronts and Tamiya brick wall sections.  The rubble and loose bricks
are cast clay after-market detailing items. The roadbed is very fine model railroad gravel.  The buildings were finished with a
combination of airbrushing and hand-painted detailing. The door on the building behind the M8 howitzer was scratch-built from
balsa wood. The window frame in the foreground (right side) is a VLS resin piece.