The Bronco coupe kit had parts for both civilian and military style headlights (clear lenses & blackout slotted covers). To add a
little detail, I cut off the tops of the door-windows so they look like they're partially open.  A nice feature of this kit is the
removable soft-top, which allows a clear view of the interior.
The Hannomag half-track is a Tamiya kit with added detail. A 28mm A-T gun (Tamiya) replaced the forward MG. The rear
MG-34 was replaced by one with an open loading gate. A rusty water bucket was added to the right side & a large camo tarp
was 'strapped' the left side. Inside, backrests were added to the seats & a radio was installed. Added stowage includes MG
ammo, 2 Panzerfausts,  a jerry-can & ammo for the 28mm gun.  The farm wagon was scratch-built from balsa wood, with plastic
wheels, undercarriage / axle & brake details.  The limber arms are 12-gauge brass wire bent to shape. The mule is from a
Tamiya farm animals kit - his harnesses are hand-cut black vinyl. The wagon's cargo consists of (Verlinden) milk & cheese
cans, plus a pen of (Tamiya) piglets.  i
SUBJECT:  DIORAMA:  W.W.II Western European Roadblock / Checkpoint  circa 1943
KIT MAKER: Tamiya, Bronco, & Sveda                          SCALE:    1/35                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES: Scratch-built farm wagon (balsa & plastic).  Hand sculpted cobble-stone roadbed.
ADDED:  The Tamiya Hanomag has scratch-built seat-backs, added internal stowage, a radio set, a 28mm A-T gun, a new
rear MG, a rusty water bucket, & a large (real fabric) tarp strapped to the left side.  The Bronco 1937 Cabriolet civilian car has
leather suitcases added in the rear seat.  The door windows were cut down to appear partially 'rolled down'.  All figures (except
the farmer & woman) have new Verlinden resin heads.
This diorama is brought to life by the life-like poses of the various figures.  Note the civilian man reaching into his jacket for his
passport / papers and how the woman clutches her handbag. The German officer extends a hand, eager to examine the man's
documents.  All figures in this scene are from various Zveda figure kits.  All figures (except the 3 civilians) were given new, cast
resin, heads made by Verlinden.  Little details, like the open doors & lowered windows on the Cabriolet help add to the realism
of the scene.
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KIT MAKER: Tamiya,                                          SCALE:    1/35                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES: This M8 model was built 'straight from the box' using a Tamiya kit.  In addition to moderate
weathering, the model was finished off by adding some external stowage over the glacis plate & front fenders. The
modified Tamiya figure was also an added touch.
M8 HOWITER:  Developed to provide highly mobile, close artillery support for infantry and tank units, the M8 combined a short
75mm howitzer and basic M3 Stuart tank hull and suspension.  It wasn't long after the D-day landings that American tank crews
realized that German tankers and anti-tank gun crews were using the big white stars on their tanks as aiming points. The
solution to this problem was simple, the tank crews simply painted over the stars - while my M8 model still sports its Id number,
its stars have been 'painted out'.
DETAILING - This M8 kit was built without modification, but there were some additions to the finished model. A stowage
support rail was made from balsa wood and styrene strip plastic and installed between the front fenders. External stowage was
then added (gas cans, an oil drum, wooden supply crates, metal ammo box).  The lower hull was moderately weathered using
powdered pastel chalks applied over wet Badger 'clear flat' paint.  The track pads were painted with Tamiya flat black, heavily
thinned with rubbing alcohol.  
The Tamiya kit features a nicely detailed interior and a well detailed rear deck complete with separate parts for the full array of
field tools, as well as nicely detailed grousers mounted on the turret sides.
Interior turret details include fold-down seats, a complete & nicely detailed gun / breech assembly, and a well detailed sight /
aiming unit.  The open turret bottom allows viewing of some nice interior hull details, particularly the dry storage for the 75mm
howitzer shells, a fire extinguisher, and a well detailed deck surface.  The figure sitting on the turret was created by combing
spare parts from old Tamiya figures.
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