I built this M8 from a vintage Monogram kit.  For its time, this
was a great kit with lots of detail - much of it incomplete or
inaccurate, but still visually interesting. I added a whip
antenna made from a piece of steel guitar string; the
string's casing served as the coiled-spring base of the
antenna. I also added the field-improvised jerry can rack
and the supplies stowed on the engine deck. Note the cloth
bedroll & BAR on top of the supply crates.
KIT MAKER:    MONOGRAM                                                 SCALE:   1/32                                                        
SPECIAL  FEATURES:  Turret rotates. Main 37mm gun elevates / depresses. Wheels rotate.
Added detail includes a .30 co-axial MG inside the turret,
plus personal supplies & field tools inside the main
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SUBJECT:  W.W.-II Russian SU-122 Assault Gun - Entering Berlin 1945
KIT MAKER:    Tamiya                                                     SCALE:   1/35                                                       
When the Russians reached Berlin, they were bogged down in street-to-street, and house-to-house, battles, the city being
defended by both regular Vehrmacht troops and Volksturm civilian units.  Tanks, artillery, and assault guns like the SU-122 were
used to reduce defended buildings to rubble.
The vignette below shows Russian troops advancing with a SU-122 as it moves through a Berlin neighborhood already pretty
well demolished by aerial bombing.
The Tamiya SU-122 kit is excellent, with crisp cleanly molded details and parts, just as we would expect from Tamiya today. The
kit has no interior details, but the exterior is very nicely done.  Even the road wheels and (rubber) tracks are well detailed.  The
kit includes four (4) external fuel tanks, but I 'personalized' my model by installing only two tanks. This also lets me show the fuel
tank mounting brackets in more detail.
The background building was cobbled together from a mix of Italieri 'destroyed buildings' plastic kits. The figures are from Tamiya
Russian infantry kits - these have been 'recycled', saved from an old diorama I built long ago which no longer exists.
The tracks are
weathered with a
mix of rust and
crushed brick dust,
though it's hard to
tell the two apart.
There's also bits of
concrete and
plaster from the
buildings caught
on the tracks.
The tank
commander and
hitchhiking soldier
are keeping alert,
watching for any
German snipers or
Volksturm units
with Panzerfausts.
The business-end
of the SU-122. I
replaced the kit's
plastic main gun
with brass tubing.
To get a more
accurate thickness
for the gun's
muzzle, I inserted
a second brass
tube into the one
mounted in the
recoil housing.

the headlight. I
drilled this out,
silvered the inside
then filled it with
liquid acrylic to
get a realistic lens.
Notice the spare
track links on the
This is the vignette's
setting, minus SU-122.
Note the nice surface
detailing in the walls.
After painting the (red)
plastic walls a shade
of stone gray I applied
several thin washes of
flat black to accent the
cracks, etc.
Note the burned
propaganda poster on
the wall.
I cast my own sidewalk
in plaster. The rough
roadbed is just Elmers
glue, fine gravel,and
flat black paint. The
rubble is chunks of
plaster painted to be
stone or plaster rubble
Recycled from an old
diorama, the figures
were all repainted.
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