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WELCOME to SciFi Dragon Models.  This site is about scale models, props & prop-replicas.  In addition to
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NEW PARTS SUPPLIER:  (Nov. 2017).  I found a new supplier for Star Trek Phaser metal / detailing
parts. Click on the LINKS TO GOOD STUFF button above & check out the Jon Paul listing.

- Military Models -  GERMAN HORSEPOWER.  Two vignettes of W.W.II horse-drawn military wagons.

- Military Models -
SU-122 ENTERING BERLIN  Heavy Russian assault gun advancing in outskirts of Berlin 1945

- Military Models -
FORD WC56 MILITARY POLICY CAR  W.W.II staff car with MP markings.

- Star Trek -
TOS KLINGON DISRUPTER  A full scale static prop-replica of the original Klingon weapon design.

- Military Models -
Pz.IV HEUSCHRECKE  An SPG with a removable turret mounting a 105mm gun.

-SciFi Models - Star Trek Voyager's
CAPTAIN PROTON'S ROCKETSHIP   Upgraded Eaglemoss model.

-SciFi Models -
ROCKETSHIP X-M   Classic rocketship from the movie of the same name. Added LED lighting.
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