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  • TOYS vs PROPS -  A brief discussion of the difference between props,  prop-replicas, and toys (and
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JULY 2017
DILITHIUM CRYSTAL DISPLAYS.  Star Trek inspired novelty items with LED lighting.  

STAR WARS DH-17 BLASTER.   Rebel blaster built from a 3d printed kit made by Blaster Master.

NO COMMISSIONS: As of December 1, 2015,  I am no longer accepting commissions for custom
build-ups or other model or prop projects.
WELCOME to SciFi Dragon Models.  This site is about scale models, props & prop-replicas.  In addition to
features about finished models or prop replicas, there are How To articles and model building Hints & Tips.
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As of July 2017, SciFi Dragon Models has a (slightly) new look.
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LARGER PAGES:  Pages are now wider and longer. This means larger photos,  and more
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EMBEDDED SHORT VIDEOS:  Many articles now have short videos you can access without
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