Hello and welcome to SciFi Dragon Models.  

I've been building models since I was ten years old.  That translates to roughly fifty years of experience in model building.
Of course, as I got older, I got more serious.  I learned a lot of great techniques for building models from magazines like
Fine Scale Modeler and Military Modeler.  These were very inspirational when it came to learning how to create realistic
details and finishes on models.

I began, like many kids, by building model airplanes.  I grew up in the 1950s - 1960s.  Back then there wasn't the great
variety of subjects available that there is today.  So, I began by building Monogram's entire line of W.W.II fighters - I even did
a high-school history report with facts entirely drawn from the cover sheets of those models- and got an "A" on the report
(lol).  MY interest in history slowly drew me away from 1/48-scale aircraft to 1/35-scale military models.  The larger scale
allows for more detail.  Initially there weren't many military kits to choose from, but that changed fast and I soon found myself
stock-piling kits from Tamiya, Italieri, and even Testors.  Tanks are my favorite military modeling subject - especially W.W.II
German armor which provides a seemingly endless range of subjects all by itself.  My curiosity about world history eventually
led me to join the SCA - one of the worlds largest medieval recreation societies. Talk about learning new 'modeling' skills (lol)
- I've actually produced two (2) full scale, wearable, battle-worthy suits of 12th century style chain mail armor.  Now there's a
project that'll teach you patience!

Along with being a bit of a history buff, I'm definitely a Science Fiction fan / junkie.  I love all sorts of science fiction material.  
H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Ray Bradberry are my favorite authors, along with Anne McCaffrey. When it comes to sci-fi
movies I love all the sub-genres - monster movies, apocalyptic horror, vampires and other creature features, and most of all
outer-space adventures.  I grew up watching the 1930s movie serials Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers and fell in love with
the whole idea of stories set in the future and on other worlds.  Needless to say, when Star Trek came along, I was hooked
from the first airing of the first pilot and I'm a Trekker even to this day. I think my favorite sci-fi tales are those that offer,
directly or very subtly, commentary on the human condition and human values.  I suppose that's why Star Trek became
such a favorite of mine.

My sci-fi modeling began with simple model rocket-ships and flying saucers. Now many of my UFO models feature
electronic lighting systems to give them a bit of life.  Over the last ten years or so, my love of  sci-fi has driven me to expand
my model building skills and subjects beyond simple kit building.  I've designed and built many one-of-a-kind sci-fi props,
mostly ray guns, completely from scratch and have built many full-scale replicas of famous sci-fi subjects (yes, mostly Star
Trek phasers, disruptors, padds, and tricorders).  You'll find articles on many of my completed sci-fi subjects here on my

his was originally DRAGONLORD769 MODELS. The new site,  SciFi Dragon Models, is a totally redesigned replacement
for Dragonlord769 Models.  I started t
his website as a way to share my modeling projects with others who have similar
interests - either in modeling or in the subjects of my modeling projects (e.g. sci-fi fans, history buffs).  Articles
particular models, props, or replicas, consist mostly of one or more photos.  Many articles are supplemented by YouTube  
videos and direct links to those videos are provided in the articles.

do not sell any of my work directly through this website - I only market my work through eBay.  As of Dec. 2015, I no longer
accept commissions for custom prop-replica or model build-ups or customizations.

Questions and intelligent comments about the articles on this site are welcome (see the Contact Me page for
details). Do you have a favorite modeling technique or trick you'd like to share? Send an email and it may appear on the
How To pages.

THANKS FOR VISITING SciFi Dragon Models.  Word of mouth is still the best advertising - so, if you like my website or a
particular article you found here, please tell your friends about it.  
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